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I’m thriving  living my best life!  I’ve been through hell and back and survived!  So to the ones that try to bring me down just remember that I survived so much more than your pettiness
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So you have the 90 “sperm brows”  If so it’s time for a change and there’s no better way to go than to go for a natural look which can be achieved with the combo brow #glowgirl #microblading #classiclashes #lashes #spraytan #lipblush #paramedicalartist #3dareola #3dareolatattoo #bakersfieldbrows #bakersfieldspraytan

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Another natural Microblade 
#volume #liptint #megalashes #bakersfieldlashes #lashextension #tan #spraytan #teethwhitening #glowgirl #microblading #classiclashes #lashes #spraytan #lipblush #paramedicalartist #3dareola #3dareolatattoo #bakersfieldbrows #bakersfieldspraytan

#volume #liptint #megalashes #bakersfieldlashes #lashextension #tan #spraytan #teethwhitening #glowgirl #microblading #classiclashes #lashes  #lipblush #paramedicalartist #3dareola #3dareolatattoo
Microblading looks so natural. This is a combo brow. It consists of hairlike strokes and additional shading for depth #volume #liptint #megalashes #bakersfieldlashes #lashextension #tan #spraytan #teethwhitening #glowgirl #microblading #classiclashes #lashes #spraytan #lipblush #paramedicalartist #3dareola #3dareolatattoo #bakersfieldbrows #bakersfieldspraytan

#volume #liptint #megalashes #bakersfieldlashes #lashextension #tan #spraytan #teethwhitening #glowgirl #microblading #classiclashes #lashes  #lipblush #paramedicalartist #3dareola #3dareolatattoo g#bakersfieldspraytan
Can someone match this font and add a w to glow?
Breast Augmentation scars can be camouflaged . We use state of the art technology to match your skin tone to the perfect pigment to blend your scar .  If you are looking to Camouflage, your surgery, scars or any type of scars, schedule a consultation and let’s talk about what can be done for you #beautologie #beautologiebakersfield #beautologiefresno #beautologiestockton #beautologienewportbeach #beautologietemecula #beautologieventura #plasticsurgery #bakersfieldplasticsurgery #fresnoplasticsurgery #stocktonplasticsurgery #venturaplasticsurgery #bbl #bba #breastaugmentation #liposuction #lipo #cosmeticsurgery #breastlift #lipfiller #botox #filler #tummytuck #mommymakeover #rhinoplasty #facelift

What our clients say

Based on 30 Reviews
MaryCruz Boggiano
December 27, 2022

Absolutely amazing does not cover it. Took the time to explain everything to me before after and even followed up with me to make sure everything was going well. Already planning my next services.

Jess Druey
December 19, 2022

THE BEST SPRAY TAN EVER. Rebecca is so kind and her fans always come out perfect !!!

whitney king
December 18, 2022

Great tanning services! my tan will last me for 2 weeks , which is a very long time when it comes to tanning ! the color suits me so well i love it ! she’s so friendly and knows what color to tan you AMAZING JOB!! highly recommend 🥰

June Aiello
December 15, 2022

Becky is the best! I trust her implicitly. Her skill, professionalism, and devotion to my overall aesthetic and well-being is unparalleled. I'm 54 and I feel more confident in my appearance than I have in the past 15 years. You can't go wrong putting your beauty goals in her exquisitely capable hands!

Regan Laker
June 21, 2022

AMAZING! Wow, seriously such an amazing experience. Becky is so professional, tells you what to expect and guides you through the whole tanning process. Go here tomorrow! You will LOVE your color/glow and be so happy you did. Truly what an amazing, professional experience that makes me feel even more confident in my own skin. Becky is THE best in town. Seriously can’t rave about her or her talents enough!!!

Mandy Blair
June 15, 2022

Becky was so accommodating with her schedule and squeezed me in last minute. My spray tan was perfect, there was no streaking or blotchiness, the color she mixed for me was perfect and it lasted my entire vacation. I recommend her to anyone wanting a good spray tan!

Ashley demena
May 1, 2022

So this was my first spray tanning session, and I LOVED IT! Becky made me feel so comfortable and made my confidence level high! She gave me so much information with what to do and not to do! I will be returning to her! Thank you again Becky!

sylvia monsibais
February 18, 2022

I would without a doubt recommend Glowgirl spray tanning inside Warrior1. I had Becky and she was very pleasant and professional. This was my 1st spray tan I was going on vacation and I heard if you can't tone it tan it, so I headed in not knowing what to expect. Becky rolls out the red carpet in hospitality and she really had me at ease and comfortable in my skin. I am in love with the end results and will definitely be back. It was a great experience. I really can't believe how natural looking my tan looks. Becky answered all my questions and gave me great instructions. I never leave reviews but I just had to for this one.

sheri Hedgpeth
February 2, 2022

Absolutely amazing job. Rebecca is sweet and took good care of me. I love my lip blush and I feel like a new woman.

dana healey
January 25, 2022

She color matches you for the best spray tan with only 2 hours before you need to shower! 😍

Sherry Absher
January 25, 2022

Becky is the best she is so professional and loves and believes in her services! She makes sure you are comfortable and has always taken Awesome care of me. So glad I found you Becky ❤️

Angelica zuniga
November 20, 2021

Every time I walk out of this place I feel like a brand new woman getting ready is so much easier when you have your eyebrows micro bladed I literally get up and go. Ladies let me tell you the confidence you walk out with after that spray tan 😇 Let my girl hook you up🙂

Daniel Nachazel
November 6, 2021

Becky is absolutely a God send .. check out her CBD infused body spray. Aches and pain .. ppfst! I can attest that her service is top shelf and highly clean and professional. I'd recommend Becky's service and knowledge to all of my family and friends! Don't miss the opportunity to treat yourself right and leaving 100% feeling great! Tell her Dan man recommended her service! Peace be with you... ✌😎✌

Tony Matthews
October 29, 2021

Just FYI,This will be my very first comment made for any product or person ever!My wife is glow girl and I’m fortunate enough that I get to try her new products,with that said I went into this CBD tan with a bit of skepticism,First off for those of you that know me know that my neck was broken in 7 places due to ladder injury 3 years ago,also a blown out left knee from years of basketball abuse,Let me say this for me and my personal experience this stuff works like nothing I’ve tried before,there are times of pain that no amount of painkillers works.this will be my Go To from now on.Also ,this is four days in and the effects are still I said this stuff works for me,I in no way promise you any of my results,that would be irresponsible.I’m sold two applications in, also notice much better sleep the past couple of nights.take care and God Bless.thank all you wonderful ladies who support my awesome Wife.Tony Matthews

Chelsea McElmurry
October 9, 2021

The absolute BEST! She made me feel so comfortable and confident. I will NEVER go to another ever! I have always had issues with my body and she made me feel so sexy and amazing in every way. Not only that, but she has been so flexible with me and gave me the best advice. My tan lasted at least 2 weeks!!! And I didn’t have to do anything crazy for that to happen. She has been the best when it comes to making accommodations and being personable. 1000/10 recommend!!!!!

Ada Reeves
October 1, 2021

Becky took extra time to numb me up really well for my procedure. She really cares that her clients are comfortable. I love the results of my lip blushing. Worth every penny!

Ruth Perez
September 15, 2021

Very professional the numb lips part was awesome I didn’t feel pain but a light pressure, I was very relaxed when she was working on my lips 👄. Thank you Becky your the best I can’t wait to see you again for my second session 💕💕

September 14, 2021

I am a guy and a spray tan amateur. Before going to Becky, I had only ever been sprayed by a machine booth and I was not pleased with the results. The results Becky delivered absolutely blew me away. The color tone was so perfect and even that my friends didn't believe me when I told them it was a spray tan! Becky is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my (so many) questions by phone before my appointment. The appointment itself was pleasant, Becky gives great instructions and tells you exactly what to do. She also explains why she does all her extra techniques that make you look your best while she is doing them, which I really liked because I enjoy learning how things work. It is clear to me that in addition to her knowledge and kindness, Becky's attention to detail is second to none. I could not be more pleased with my tan and I'm already booking another.

Abbie Douglas
August 4, 2021

Absolutely in love with my lips!! I had the lip fillers done first and there was 0 pain and made a difference I lived that! I also had the lip blushing done was again a fun and amazing experience especially for my first time such a cool process she makes sure your okay and she listens and does really good. They came out amazing. The environment is so comfortable and they make you feel welcome!! If your looking for any work my recommendation is here!!

kariann hollenbeck
July 27, 2021

Becky was great!! She was professional & personable. I will be back !!

“Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through.”


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