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An areola tattoo is a medical tattoo and cosmetic procedure performed on the area of the breast or chest) where the areola is naturally found. The highest quality areola tattoos are also known as a 3D areola tattoo–a medical tattooing procedure that gives a natural, three-dimensional appearance. The purposes of getting an areola tattoo include altering the appearance of the nipple and creating a natural look to the breast after one has undergone breast cancer surgery or has survived a traumatic physical injury. While areola tattoos are done in the same manner of traditional tattoos in the sense that ink is deposited under the skin to create a permanent image, the difference is that the ink used in an areola tattoo is a pigment and is particularly detailed using techniques such as feathering and blending to garner an authentic, natural look.

An areola tattoo is a very good alternative to nipple reconstruction surgery for those who want faster results, no pain, and really something that is just much easier.
The areola pigmentation technique application is truly special due in part to its use of flesh-colored pigments to the restored areas of the areola. It is also a special procedure because it is less invasive than a painful skin-grafting procedure, which for many years was the only available method of restoring balanced coloration to the area.

A 3D areola tattoo looks like an authentic nipple and areola with a unique, high-quality degree of detail that gives a three-dimensional appearance of an areola and nipple. The 3D areola tattoo specialist will use advanced shading techniques, shadowing, and other artistic skills to give a real three-dimensional look to give women full confidence in their breasts again.

Most people who get an areola tattoo are women who have survived breast cancer. In many cases, women who get a single or double mastectomy will get reconstructive surgery, along with an areola tattoo, so they can feel more confident and comfortable in their body. The best areola tattoo will look natural and be placed in the correct area.

An areola tattoo isn’t just for people who have had reconstructive breast surgery. If you have survived an accident that scarred your breasts, you may have a misshapen areola. An areola tattoo can visually improve the size, shape, and color of the nipple. It is also a well-known route enabling women to reconnect with their previous self.

Stretch Mark and Scar camouflage

The Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage is a non-invasive tattooing method that uses skin-toned ink pigments to disguise and conceal the appearance of stretch marks and/or scars by filling the areas that are missing color. It requires little to no downtime but does take, on average,
45-60 days to see the final results. Popular areas that are camouflaged include the breasts, shoulders, stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs, and knees.

Other than a tummy tuck, or the literal removal of skin, there is no proven way to remove stretch marks. The Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo only helps to conceal and diminish the appearance of stretch marks so that they are less perceptible to the naked eye. Think of it as having a permanent filter, taking away the white contrast of your scars.

Inkless Stretch Mark Revision

A method of treating stretch mark scars with a vitamin serum prior to, and perhaps instead of, camouflage tattooing. The vitamin serum is placed on the skin after needling with a rotary tattoo machine. The serum combined with the needling triggers the body's natural healing response to make the stretch mark less noticeable.

Stretch mark camouflage tries to match ink to your skin tone to blend the stretch marks. The problem with this is the ink may change color over time and also your skin tone may change with light exposure. With inkless, there is no color and the serum that is placed into the dermis will help your body do what it does naturally. Your skin will produce its own natural tanning properties again and your skin tone will blend seamlessly on its own.

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