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Before your appointment, you might be wondering what actually happens when you have a spray tan. Well, spray tan treatments involve standing in a spray tan tent or booth, where a fine mist made of up tanning solution will be gently sprayed onto your body. The tanning solution contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which interacts with your own skin’s chemistry to give it a more bronzed appearance. In comparison to the sunbeds of the past, spray tanning is completely safe for your skin (although it does not offer any UV protection so you’ll still need to wear suncream to protect your skin on holiday).

In a tanning tent like the ones used in our treatments, the beauty therapist will apply the tanning formula using a spray gun to ensure the solution is dispersed evenly.

How long does a spray tan last?

When it comes to how long a spray tan will last, it really depends on how dark you’re going with your tan shade. At best, a professional spray tan will last 10 days, however lighter shades may only last five days, and medium shades may last seven to eight days. It all depends on how much of the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is in the tanning solution, and how much tanning solution is applied. The more DHA in the solution, the longer the tan colour will last.

How you care for your skin before and after your spray tan appointment plays a significant role in making your tan last longer. Exfoliating your skin regularly helps to remove dead skin cells from your skin which can cause streaking and flaking. Waxing instead of shaving before your spray tan appointment also helps to preserve your tan for longer, as shaving can irritate your skin and dull the glow of tan.

For a full coverage tan, you’ll need to get completely undressed before the tanning solution is applied, as any clothes will block the solution landing on your skin.We recommend keeping it to a minimal style such as a thong so you are left with the minimal amount of untanned skin underneath. Disposable panties are provided are always a good option. Make sure you remove all jewellery beforehand.

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